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Tips on preparing your air conditioning system for summer.


Check refrigerant levels: 

Refrigerant is a vital component of any air conditioning system, and it needs to be checked regularly. Now, low refrigerant levels can be difficult to diagnose without the help of an HVAC technician. However, one of the most common symptoms is weak airflow coming through vents and a lack of cooling. Other signs to look out for include unusually loud noises coming from the unit and/or an increase in your energy bills. 

Clean and inspect the condenser unit: 

The condenser unit is located outside your home and helps to disperse heat. Be sure to clean the coil of any dirt or debris that may have accumulated during the winter months, as this will help it function more efficiently. Check all wiring connections and inspect the fan blades, and call a technician if you notice any problems.

Keep outdoor areas clear: 

It’s important to keep the area around your AC free of clutter, debris or overgrown plants. This will help ensure that air can flow freely into the system, allowing for efficient cooling in your home.

Change air filters: 

Air filters should be changed at a minimum of once every six months. During the hottest days of summer when your AC is running the most, it’s best to change them even more frequently. This will help keep the system clean and ensure that the air in your home stays fresh and free of pollutants.

Need more assistance? Call an expert!

While preparing and cleaning your unit can be done on your own, it’s important that you don’t try to repair any issues yourself; instead, call a professional AC company who can accurately assess what needs to be done and fix it right, the first time. At Best Care Home Services, our technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to make sure that your home air conditioning system is prepped and ready for summer. Call us today or go ahead and schedule an appointment and you’ll stay cool all season long!